Satan asks to sift you like wheat.

5 08 2013

Most of my life, I have been afraid to enter into the world and make new friends, and try new things. The people that I have close to me do not make it any better for me.  I bring to them notions I think about progressing in my walk with the spirit and they try to plant lies and deceit about that very thing or person that I am interested in. They begin to sow seeds of destruction into that very thing I love to discourage me from even trying.

But how do I overcome this? Satan wants to sift me like wheat. There is a two step process to sift wheat. The first step is to loosen the chaff from the edible grain which is called threshing. The next step is called winnowing where the loosened chaff is removed from the grain.  So I ask what is the chaff? The chaff is the dry, scaly protective casing of the seeds. Protective casings of the seeds!? Wow. The grains of the wheat are so tiny. It is toil to remove those casings.

In the spiritual realm, Satan wants to make you doubt and question the words which is the grain that you heard from the Lord. The inspiration that you received from the Holy Spirit which would be the threshing. So during the winnowing process,  you come what you think is the realization just to fall back and give way just like the chaff gives in to the loosening. It has happened so much in your life that you just give in because you are afraid of the outcome just like Peter did Jesus. He did not trust the words he heard directly from Jesus prior to the tribulation. But as sure as the scripture says, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit Him and He will make your paths straight. Psalm 119:89 Your word, Lord is eternal and it stand firm in the heavens.

As Psalm 119 says “………The Word of the Lord is eternal. Weeping only endures for a night. Only a night. So when you are feeling confused, doubtful, and discouraged, lean not or your understanding and pray. Rebuke the devour and pray the Holy Spirit will guide you, Jesus will straighten your path and God will bless you indeed. Again the Word of the Lord is eternal and It shall not return void. So when Satan begins to sift you fight back with the Word of the Lord. Stand Confident and be diligent in your fight cause remember in your infirmities there are things that need to be addressed and you need to be healed. For me its fear and that equates to not trusting. So test that spirit with the Word of the Lord and if you find that it does not line up, then it is not God’s will for your life. Satan can sift you all he wants but its how you deal with it in accordance to the scriptures that will loose you from that trial.

God Speed.




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